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Explore the lively and cosmopolitan city of Bologna. See the oldest University in Italy, founded in 1088. There is a wealth of important Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque artistic monuments to discover. Bologna is Italy’s food capital, so we recommend a full day Food Tour - A culinary expedition on the trace of taste and typical products of Emilia Romagna such as Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, Parma ham and Italian wine.

Art Hotel Corona d’Oro

Located in the historical Piazza Azzoguide in the heart of Bologna, the Corona d’Oro mirrors the history of this stunning city, combining an elegant mixture of different architectural styles - the gothic walls, renaissance ceilings, Art Nouveau hall, coats of arms on ceilings and the magnificent liberty of its entrance hall – which all together add up to a lavish atmosphere, as soon as one enters this sumptuous 14th century building. The Suite has a beautiful carved wood ceiling, with double glazed shuttered doors to a balcony, and a sitting room with flat screen TV.

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Art Hotel Corona d'Oro Bologna Italy
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