Map of Crete

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Crete is an island rich with ancient history, Ancient Phoenicians founded the island of Crete and built the capital town of Knossos. Its culture grew and became the wealthy cultural headquarters for the earliest literate civilization which would come to be called the Minoans. Greek mythology immortalized Crete and Knossos with its legends. Crete is the largest Greek Island and takes 5 hours to cross, so you may choose to spend a few nights in the east and a few in the west. The east has the best history but the west has arguably the best beaches like Balos Lagoon shown below.


Take a guided tour of the Palace of Knossos, or a nature hike in the Samaria Gorge. We can arrange for cultural experiences in 16th century coastal towns, and Cretan cooking lessons. You may also wish to rent a car and go beach hopping around the island.


Blue Palace - Seafront deluxe resort and spa close to Elounda.

Casa Delfino - Boutique Historic Hotel and Spa in lively Chania.

Conte Marino - Exclusive 3 bedroom villas, perfect for families.

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