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The archaeological site of Delphi is one of the most important ancient relics of Greece. The magnitude of the Delphi contributions to the entire ancient civilization cannot be overstated. Many political decisions were taken after consultation of the Oracle, and no colony was founded around the Mediterranean without the consent of the sanctuary at Delphi. In proportion with its immense influence, the settlement at Delphi grew from a small village to a imposing depository of fine Architecture and Art. Today you can see the Temple of Apollo, the stadium, and the sanctuary of Athens Pronaia, along with many ornate treasures.

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On the outskirts of the most cosmopolitan winter resort of Greece, lies the Anemolia Resort. The ideal retreat for winter sports lovers, summer adventurers, exploring Delphi archaeological site, or one of the nearby Byzantine monasteries, shopping, or living it up in trendy Arachova. Charming rooms have views of Delphi, sunsets and the mountains. There is a huge welcoming lounge, bar, restaurant. and an indoor heated swimming pool.

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