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One of the most exciting attractions in Greece is the lure of a lost world, and the chance to stand in a 3,000 year old city. Most cities in ancient Greece had at their center a rocky mound or hill where they built their important temples and where the people could retreat to if under attack. The most famous acropolis is the one in Athens. Close by is Mycenae and Epidaurus, both near Nafplion. This mainland area is rich with archaeological sites: Delphi, Olympia, and Pylos - also the mythological home of Zeus, Mount Olympus. However you can also find Greek archaeology on the islands. Santorini hosts the ancient site of Akrotiri, Crete has the Palace of Knossos; and a short boat ride from Mykonos is the uninhabited island of Delos.


The variety and close proximity of Greece’s islands makes them perfect to ‘hop’ around. Choose an island chain, like the lush ‘Ionian Islands’ or the whitewashed ‘Cyclades Islands’ and the ferry distance between each of them is just a couple of hours. Combine Lefkada with Kefalonia for the most spectacular beaches in Greece, rugged landscapes, and traditional villages. Or hop between Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete for glamorous hotels, breathtaking views, restaurants and nightlife. Honeymooners may prefer the peaceful, traditional islands of Naxos, Paros, Sifnos and Folegandros which can also be combined with dramatic Santorini.


Greece has the most diverse choice of beaches than any other European country. From long, wide, golden sandy beaches, with shallow waters in the Peloponnese towns of Kyllini and Pylos; to the red and black pebble beaches of Santorini. From the crowded and lively beaches of Mykonos, to the deserted coves of Folegandros and Naxos. Rent a scooter for the day to discover the hidden beaches of Paros. In Crete you may prefer to rent a car, and drive from the azur, marbled lagoons of the west coast to the sophisticated beaches in the east. For the most dramatic, cliff-encircled beaches, head to the Ionian islands of: Lefkada and Kefalonia.


Greece offers so much more than just lazing on a beach. A culture of food, wine, dining, and socializing under the stars. Whichever hotel you choose, there will be a village or town within a short walk or drive away which offers a choice of tavernas, bars and even nightclubs. Depending on the location you choose, this could be as low-key or as high-energy as you prefer. For maximum energy, we

would recommend Mykonos, for bar hopping you could try

Chania, Crete, or Naxos for a Greek night out.

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