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The most lush of all Greek islands with Cypress trees covering steep mountainsides in stark contrast to the white beaches and azur sea. Visit the tiny picturesque village of Assos overlooked by the imposing ruins of the Venetian Fortress which affords spectacular views from the top; Myrtos Beach often voted as one of the top ten beaches in the world lapped by waters the most unbelievable hues of blue.

Emelisse Art Hotel

Sits in a spot of supreme serenity amongst acres of native cypress and cedar trees. The pools and outdoor restaurants provide front row seating for an unparalleled display of nature's splendor. At night the hotel is lit by soft lamps and candlelight, transforming it into a romantic, whimsical wonderland. Snuggle up on a plush sofa on one of the numerous expansive terraces from which you can gaze up endlessly at a stellar canopy of velvety, indigo sky.

Kefalonia Map
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