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Meteora is a strange and unique landscape where huge sandstone outcrops tower up to 3,300 feet. The name means "suspended in air," some say this is due to the outcrops' precipitous nature, others that the rocks fell from outer space. Scientists believe they were formed some 60 million years ago during the Tertiary period, emerging in the delta of a river, and further shaped by seismic activity. A community of 24 monasteries clings precariously to the ancient pinnacles.

Archontiko Mesochori

Nearby, is a newly renovated mansion from the 19th century with just 6 luxurious suites. Located on Mesochori Square, in the shadow of the Meteora rocks, this boutique hotel combines modern amenities with a traditional atmosphere. Rooms have wooden floors, iron or wooden king-size beds and inviting fireplaces.

Consisted of 6 traditionally decorated, two-space Suites,

Meteora Hotel
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