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Those in the know choose Naxos for its combination of gold-sand beaches and lush mountainous interior, of sleepy white pueblos and a lively seafront Chora (the capital). The best beach on Naxos is Agios Prokopios, a long arc of sand & turquoise water placed just far enough from Chora to feel blissfully secluded, yet near enough to piggy-back on its engaging and unfancified tavernas, bars and boutiques.

Villa Marandi

Set on an (almost private) sand and pebble beach with magical views across the sparkling turquoise sea to the white seafront town of Chora, this boutique hotel is the perfect romantic retreat. The restaurant is one of the best on the island. The dishes are chosen  from all over Greece, and the setting is romantic - in a quiet courtyard with trellises and breathtaking views overlooking Naxos.

The best beaches in Naxos
Villa Marandi Luxury Hotel
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