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Hilary Altman

Following in the tradition of many Brits, Hilary was keen from a young age to escape the weather and make tracks across Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America. However, since living in the USA for the last 14 years, Italy and Greece have become the apple of her eye. With their unique blend of culture, history, nightlife, cuisine, scenery and beaches - they are an intoxicating cocktail which can’t be beat!      Email Hilary

Niya Parikh

Niya’s passion for travel began aged 8 when she moved to a boarding school in Rajasthan, India. She inherited the travel bug from her parents who took her on adventures all over Europe and Asia. After living in Spain, Niya traveled through South America and Australia, stopping only to zip-line, bungee jump, kayak, or scuba dive. Recent trips have been to far flung corners of Italy, Sicily, and Greece.        Email Niya

Roberta Renzo

Roberta lived in Italy for several years and is fluent in Italian, with a deep understanding of Italian culture. Her goal is to leverage her knowledge and enthusiasm for Italy to create unique and authentic experiences for her clients. She has also traveled extensively throughout Europe, having just returned from an in-depth 2 week tour of Greece to visit our hotels, meet our guides, and experience our tours firsthand.                Email Roberta

Grace Monteleone

Grace spent summers as a child in her family’s small beach town of Roccella Ionica on the Ionian Coast of Italy. Memories of azure seas and icy gelato enticed her to move back after college. Destiny had led Grace to her perfect match! A wonderful man from the neighboring town. They married and moved to the USA but travel back to Italy each year, along with many other exotic locations!      Email Grace

Brittney Tillett

Brittney first got the travel bug during her semester abroad in Manchester, England. After that, she spent the next decade traveling and living around the world, and loving every minute of it! From rambling along trails in Wales to watching the sun rise over Siem Reap to riding a motorcycle through the clouds on the Ho Chi Mihn Highway in Vietnam, she relishes off-the-beaten-path experiences.     Email Brittney

Cathy LaScola

It all started for Cathy when she spent a semester in Florence studying Renaissance art and Italian (which she still speaks). Italy stole her heart! And since then she has been back many times. Cathy recently created a trip to France in search of Eleanor of Aquitane, the 12th century duchess, and Queen of France and England. Cathy’s hope is to one day retire to a farmhouse in Tuscany.                                   Email Cathy

Ashley Jung

As a free spirit and adventure lover, Ashley used her semester abroad in London as a launchpad to explore Europe. Each weekend and holiday were meticulously planned out to take in all of the highlights. Her enthusiasm grew as she met inspiring people and had unforgettable moments along the way, like hiking up Arthur’s seat in Edinburgh, and befriending a Greek family at their taverna in Corfu.             Email Ashley

Sharon Albin

With a background in anthropology and archaeology, Sharon is always interested in learning more about the diverse local traditions that make a destination special. Some of her favorite moments have been roaming the Old Town of Prague in the omnipresent shadow of St. Vitus Cathedral, and dining at the Sacher in Vienna

on their world famous chocolate

torte.                   Email Sharon