Where is Santorini

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Glamorous Santorini, in the Cyclades islands, curves round a giant lagoon, a Caldera left by a volcanic eruption. The island's capital, Fira, clings to cliffs above, providing stunning views of the lagoon below. Ruins, including the volcanic ash-preserved town of ancient Akrotiri, amaze those interested in ancient history.


Sail the Caldera and visit the Hot Springs, see towering volcanic cliffs, swim, snorkel, and enjoy a delicious gourmet lunch. You will embark on a gleaming, luxury catamaran for a full day tour of Santorini - either in a small group, or privately if you prefer.


Above Blue Suites - Romantic boutique hotel in peaceful setting.

Ikies - Set in the village of Oia with its windmill and sunset view.

Ikastikies - Luxury 1 and 2 bedroom suites, well suited to groups.

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