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Sicily is home to heavenly beaches, majestic mountains, fragrant lemon orchards, twisted olive trees, and of course, Mount Etna - the tallest active volcano in Europe. The Italian island was also part of Ancient Greece, Syracuse even rivaled Athens in importance. There are ancient Greek amphitheaters at Taormina, Segesta, Agrigento and Syracuse. All major towns and cities in Sicily have churches and cathedrals which are very elaborate and ornate.


The island is steeped in history but also in the pleasures of the senses. So, on your voyage of discovery do not forget the sea, glinting turquoise-clear and inviting. Or Sicilian cuisine, which is a tantalizing display of exotic and colorful ingredients.


Grand Hotel Timeo - Luxurious hotel in heart of Taormina.

Villa Athena - Five star hotel in the archaeological site of Agrigento.

Terre di Himera - Rural retreat in west Sicily, close to Palermo.

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