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We strongly recommend booking travel insurance in case of a sudden change of plans. Ask for a quote from your consultant.


You can change US Dollars into Euros in advance or use the ATMs in Italy and Greece to take money out as you would do here - Visa or Mastercard are preferable. Make sure you call your bank to inform them you will be traveling so they do not block your card.


We recommend you carry a cell phone so you can call your representative if you are delayed or need assistance. Before you leave, call your provider to be put on an international plan - and make sure not to switch your iphone onto 'data roaming' (if you have one) as this can be very expensive!


Do not bring any large purses, bags, or backpacks with you in museums and churches. Photography is not permitted in the galleries. Please make sure that shoulders and knees are covered for entrance into churches; and bring along government-approved photographic identification such as a passport.


Make sure to avoid dirt roads and stick to the main roads. Bring a portable GPS, loaded with Italy or Greece maps. All of the addresses of your hotels and car rental locations will be listed on your Master Document so you can just type these into your GPS.


Be ready by the door with your luggage before the train arrives at your station, doors are only open for a couple of minutes.


Ask your consultant for a list of our recommended restaurants before you leave. However, we also recommend being spontaneous and finding your own special place in Italy or Greece.


Many restaurants include the gratuity so please check the bill carefully. We will include a tipping guideline sheet in your

Final Pack so you know how to tip guides and drivers.

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