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Verona is a real masterwork of art with a combination of historic styles and cultural influences. Here you can marvel at the old and the new whilst strolling the streets of Shakespeare’s lovers. Discover Verona’s monuments and the 1st century Roman Arena and of course not to be missed, the house of Romeo and Juliet in Piazza delle Erbe and Castelvecchio.

Sogno di Giulietta

Opposite Juliet’s balcony, in the courtyard of her house, this isn't a hotel, but a historical house destined to welcome the most romantic couples and to envelope them in a night of dreams. It is now possible to stay in the kingdom narrated by Shakespeare in one of his most famous works, the lovers’ nest par excellence. This historical dwelling in the courtyard of Juliet’s house, opposite the famous balcony, symbolizes the most romantic place in the world. It is located in the very heart of the city of Verona.

Sogno di Giulietta Hotel Verona
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